Sunday, 14 November 2010

Art is not what you see...

As an artistic person in general, I couldn't go to the Tate Britain (and on a lovely sunny day, too, as you can see!) and not write about it. Now, you may or may not like London, and if you don't, you may not enjoy this blog... (unless I can convert you to loving, or at least liking, London.) You may also like or dislike art. If you dislike both London and art... errrr... sorry!!
If you like at least one variable, yay you! And if you enjoy both... you truly have taste.
Now, if you do go to the Tate Britain anytime soon, be sure to check the Romatics Exhibition. Especially the Turner paintings, they will make you dream and wonder, they will strike you with awe, and you will most probably be even more amazed at the talent he showed at a young age. And wow, does his style change. It is fantastic to see pieces develop like that. If you enjoy, get postcards. Or posters. Or both!! And take many photos. Just turn off the flash and be discreet. I managed! ;) Art isn't just about copying what you see, but interpreting it and painting with feeling.


  1. Even with the flash off, you need to be super-discreet at the Tate. ;) Turner was a true Londoner though he painted scenes of many other places...when I see London skies I can imagine him watching the same skies. Nice entry, there are too many people who now think that "Tate" simply means "Tate Modern"...apparently they've forgotten that the original exists! (and is actually better!!)

  2. Haha! Thanks.
    And yes, I did mention be discreet... I had to hide mine a few times... but see the amount of photos I took? Heh heh.
    I don't much like the Tate Modern, actually. It was one boring school trip when I went :p