Sunday, 19 October 2014


In the past two weeks, I've gone back to painting in acrylics, and produced these three new paintings of lighthouses. The first one I am quite happy with, though of course it could always be improved. For the other two, I had set myself a small challenge. I only used a palette knife to paint, and I only used two blues, black, and white. I'm not entirely happy with them but I was glad to have worked on a new technique.


To read specifically about my year abroad, please visit my side blog here.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

French Adventures

Heart shaped mini pillows at the Alsacien Market

As some of you already now, I am now living and working in France, and will be blogging about my experiences on a separate blog, right here.

I finally have my first post up, so feel free to go and have look - I've also posted pictures of the towns I'm visiting!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Loops and Bands


Learning to make loops and bands... in leaps and bounds.. (I couldn't resist).

I gave in and joined the loom band craze.. Of course, I already knew about them before today (I try to stay up to date..), but hadn't really considered getting involved. My friend's little sister was into it, my younger cousins were into it... It seemed fun, but I thought about all the hobbies I already have, and how I neglect some of them for ages, and decided I just didn't really have time to add another one!

Until today. I was busy packing my clothes for my upcoming move. As we were emptying one of the suitcases, out toppled a few bags of bands. It was all too much for me. I had to open a packet and try the craft for myself. After a couple of minutes on the internet, I started my fishtail band. And, oh, is this stuff addicting! And fast! I finished my first band very quickly, and moved on to a second.

With mum, we then went to Orpington's Hobby Craft to restock our crafting supplies, and I bought two more packets of bands. It is so quick and easy to make that I made a third band whilst on the train home. I've seen some amazing tutorials on YouTube showing ways to make cute turtle charms, gerbils, etc, using just elastic bands and two forks (I don't have a loom... yet).

I'm basically hooked. It's too late. I can't go back now. I have also bought a brand new needle felting book, though, so expect posts on that in the next few months, too!